Q: Why American Made?

A: American Made means more jobs for American people. American Made means your hard-earned money is staying in the hands of hard-working Americans. And most important of all, American Made means reviving the apparel manufacturing industry in the United States.

Q:  Do you have minimums?

A:  Yes, our minimums vary by product category, and you can find those minimums on each individual product page.
Q:  Are minimums required for each individual product?
A:  No, our minimums are based on total quantity per category. For example, you can reach our Supima T-Shirt bare minimum with 24 total t-shirts, and those 24 t-shirts can consist of any number or range of t-shirt colors.
Q:  Do your prices change with different quantities?
A:  Yes, we provide price-breaks with set quantity levels. These price-breaks vary by product category.  Essentially, you select higher quantities and pay less per individual unit.
Q:  Do you provide custom fits?
A:  Yes, we provide custom fits for Sport Shirts and Polos.  Creating a custom fit takes 2-3 weeks.  We do not allow custom fits for Supima T-shirts. 
Q:  How do I get started on a custom fit?
A:  Customers must send a Small and a Medium exact sample so we can seam-rip and size-grade your custom fit.
Q:  Do you embroider?
A:  Yes, we can embroider any product of ours, typically for an average of $1.00 per unit.
Q:  What does CMT mean?
A:  “Cut, Make, Trim.” This is the price we ask for to manufacture your product(s). Our price covers everything needed to manufacture your product(s) besides the cost of the fabric itself.
Q:  Do you provide fabric?
A:  Fabric varies by product category.  We do not provide fabric for Sport Shirts, however, we can put you in touch with our fabric sources if needed.
Polo fabric is included in our “Package” price. Polo fabric is limited only by Fabric Styles. You can choose any color(s) within those Fabric Styles.
Supima T-shirts are limited to our Cotton Capitol selection only, unless you participate in our custom colors program.
Q:  Do you provide custom t-shirt colors?
A:  Yes, we require 1,000 units per custom color for Supima Cotton Tees. The price remains the same as our regular t-shirt program for 1,000+ tees.
Q: How quickly can I get my Supima Tees?
A:  Ten days for in-stock items. You can save more money per unit if you order your t-shirts 8 weeks in advance. 
Q:  Do you provide T-shirt screen printing?
A:  Yes. We are partners with one of the best screen printers in America. Once you purchase your Cotton Capitol Supima Cotton Tees, we will refer you to our partner, whom you will work with directly. 
Q: Do I have to pay any money down before we start a custom dye lot program?
A: Each client order is different. A sales executive will work with you one-on-one to establish terms and an agreement with a contract.  

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